Social Dynamic Selling

Dinner seminar marketing has been effectively used in many different industries for years. Financial services companies are probably the biggest fans. When you consider the lifetime value of a financial planning or insurance client against the cost of a dinner—and not even a lavish dinner at that—it quickly becomes pretty clear why dinner seminar marketing makes sense.

Financial planners and insurance pros know the value of personal relationships very, very well. That’s how they grow their businesses. They have been using dinner seminar marketing for years for a very good reason—in their industry, there is no better way to get quality leads and lucrative clients. Exactly these same principles apply to other industries as well.

Dinner seminar marketing works for most industries. For example, we have helped clients in numerous industries to include: Financial, Home Improvement, Franchise, Business Opportunity, Medical, Health Care, etc.  But like any other effective marketing tactic, making it work for you requires a bit of planning and organization. That is where we come in. We have organized everything you need into an easy-to-follow program that walks you through the entire process of launching a dinner-seminar marketing campaign step-by-step.

The Social Dynamic Selling System turns dinner seminar marketing into a science. We have perfected every aspect of it based on years of trial and error. Everything  we teach has been tried, tested, refined, and proven effective. We’ve done all the trial and error to figure it out, and now we are sharing this learned wisdom to help others enjoy the lifestyle and freedom we have been blessed with over the years. 

In fact, the reason WHY we are sharing this is because, a lot of people over the years have been coming to Rylee asking to teach them how he’s been able to obtain such a high level of success at the age of 32, generating over 70 million dollars the past 7 years.

So he’s created The Social Dynamic Selling System as a way to give back – He knows the struggles of owning your own business and the day in and day out stress of where your next sale is coming from. – The ups and downs of cash flow, etc.

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