Properties 180, LLC is a private real estate investment firm focusing on the multifamily sector. Managing Members are Raul & Rosy Luna bringing 21 combined years of experience in commercial real estate investing, including acquisitions, rehabbing, repositioning, marketing, portfolio management, asset management, financial analysis and land acquisitions and management.

Properties180 specializes in value-add and opportunistic real estate investments in need of recapitalization, repositioning, or renovation in select metropolitan markets. Since its inception in 2016, Properties180 platform has encompassed investment sponsorship, ownership, asset management, and advisory service to multiple investment partners. Properties180 is headquartered in Modesto, CA.

Properties180 acquires properties where a value-add strategy can be implemented through renovation of unit interiors and upgrades to the common area amenities. The Company targets garden-style apartment communities comprised of 50 to 350 units located in strong, infill rental markets in select metros primarily in southern, Mid west and West coast states with a focus on markets that have intrinsic growth opportunities, particularly in regards to expanding employment and net in-migration, which lowers risk, provides solid returns, and protects capital. The Company believes demand for apartment living will continue to surge as available housing supply remains substantially below market demand. At present, the Company oversees the following assets, comprised of more than 830+ units.

Raul was Born in San Francisco Ca and raised in Mexico until the age of 8. He came to the land of opportunity in order to be with his Dad, work hard and make money in order to go back to Mexico and establish a family business. He worked hard alongside his father but never went back to Mexico and instead started his very first business at the age of 18 years old. He went into the Italian food business and opened his first Pizza restaurant at the age of 18.

He soon realized that the food industry was not his passion and decided to sell it. Once he met his Realtor he was very intrigued to what he did. Raul asked his Realtor with the name of Raymundo if he could mentor him and teach him what he did. Reymundo said yes and that was the beginning of his Real Estate career. Alongside his Real Estate career he's been part of the Direct Sales industry by participating as a representative and actually starting his own company along two other partners. Raul is a husband and a father to 4 wonderful kids.

Rosy was born in Mexico and raised in San Jose, California from the age of 1 year old. Lived with a single mother who was an entrepreneur at heart and a hard worker (work-a-holic). I saw hustle from a very young age, ambition, responsibility and most importantly a very strong female figure. I started working at the age of 11 years old at the San Jose Flea Market where I was in charge of selling car accessories from sunrise to sunset.

Throughout school including college I worked and was a member of two academic clubs. At the time I thought going to school would position me for a better life. I do believe education is important but have soon come to realize that drive, passion and constant action is what really makes things happen. I met Raul during my senior year in college and we began working together ever's been a wonderful rollercoaster.

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