Boomers Forever Young

Larry Daudelin and Bob Gilpatrick started Boomers Forever Young in 2010.

While working together on numerous projects, Bob who is a holistic health therapist began helping Larry (then 65 years old) with different health problems that are typically seen in people his age. That is a person with 20 bottles of vitamin pills on top of their refrigerator, numerous prescription medications and very poor health.

Using his experience of 20 years in holistic nutrition, Bob helped Larry craft a comprehensive nutrition program for the purpose of restoring his health. After two months, Larry had lost many pounds of fat, gained significant energy, reduced his prescription medications and looked visibly younger.

Larry was scheduled for two surgeries that were able to be postponed as the pain and dysfunction was reversed. Another 4 months went by and Larry lost 20 more pounds of fat. Additionally he was able to eliminate the last of his many prescription drugs.

Ecstatic at his dramatic turnaround Larry suggested that Boomers Forever Young be created so the protocols that helped him could be used to help many other people. One of the goals was to help people eliminate the 20 bottles of vitamin pills that cause confusion and improper dosing.

We began by spending a year creating a Powerhouse comprehensive nutrition product that we call Boomer Boost. A number of scientists and doctors assisted in creating the precise ratios that the individual nutrients needed to be in. There are 70 ingredients in all. They are the basic building blocks of human life and the formula is designed specifically for people 40 years and older, but is perfectly balanced and safely formulated for people of any age.

There are essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and specialty nutrients. Boomer Boost reverts people’s level of nutrition back to a young age and restores their metabolic pathways. Adult onset diseases are addressed and deterioration reversed allowing for robust health and abundant energy.

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