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When he was just 46 years old, a number of life-threatening health issues hit Ian all at once and he was forced to start searching for solutions. Refusing to accept the dire circumstances in which he found himself, he decided to pursue a natural path to fixing his health.

Ian traveled the globe, uncovering potent remedies and whole foods with powerful natural health benefits. After five years of intense research and learning what it takes to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself, Ian set out to share that information with others. With his sons and the support of a team of innovators, Activation Products was born and quickly grew into a company that helps tens of thousands of people achieve their health goals every day.

Activation Products has grown, but we’re still a family business. We employ about 50 people all together (half of them my kids…haha). Some of us are experiencing top level health, some of us are still rebuilding our bodies, but every single one of us has the same drive I had ten years ago. The same hunger for discovery. The same commitment to feeling better and better day by day.

We’ve dedicated the last ten years to uncovering superfoods and products that make people feel better. If you’ll let us, my team and I want to share those discoveries with you. I’m here to tell you one simple thing that I nearly had to lose my life to really learn: What you put into your body counts.

It makes a difference. It really does. Functional, foundational nutrients transformed my life. Every product you see on this site can change your life too. I guarantee it. Whatever issues brought you here today can be solved. You just need to take a leap of faith. Our products are naturally improving quality of life for thousands of people right now. Don’t live your life running on empty like I did. Don’t settle for subpar health.

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