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Published Author, National Speaker, Real Estate and Alternative Investment Spearhead Michael Poggi, the founder of TheMillionairesGroup.com and Poggi Wealth Institute, has been the industry’s leading authority in alternative wealth-building strategies. Michael Poggi is a nationally recognized public speaker and professional investor, developer, and author. Michael speaks on how to buy real estate and invest in businesses using your IRA or old 401K plan through the power of a self-directed ROTH IRA. In fact, he shows people how they can transform their IRA’s and 401K’s into completely self-managing money making machines, creating cash flow monthly and TAX FREE. He also runs a private equity group that funds projects all over the world. In addition, Mr. Poggi is the President and Founder of The Millionaires Investment Group, based in DAVIE, Florida. You can find Michael as a featured guest on the Money Talk radio shows, and front cover of realty 411 magazine. His company has a portfolio of partnership investments available to invest in passively such as: development projects, apartment buildings, house flipping programs and a manufacturing company.

Michael grew up in south chicago illinois in a country town called frankfort. He lived on 5 acres with his mom and dad and younger brother. He always had many animals as a young man, and rescued hundreds of animals thoughout his life. He went to college at valparaiso university in indiana. He graduated with a business degree. He worked for an exotic animal veterinarian where he got extensive experience with all types of zoo animals etc. He gave many lectures about saving wildlife and educating students about many types of animals. He and his wife now own a private zoo and educate and entertain people of all ages with a very popular mobile exotic animal petting zoo called exoticanimalparties.com . Michael and his amazing wife have 2 young children who help out with the animals and fun. Michael and his wife legally breed many exotic animals and sell them to zoos and clients aroung the country. They breed the largest colony of pocket monekys aka marmosets, in the country and sell super tame socialized monkeys and many other exotic animals to high net worth clients in all legal states. 

After learning about building businesses, and real estate investing from working in his mom and dads successful companies as a young man, Michael got his first big break to go work downtown as a stock broker and raised millions of dollars for investments in ipo's in the stock market and helped hundreds of companies go public. He also helped thousands of high net worth clients invest in equities like blue chip stocks etc. He became the top producer very quickly and went on to becoming branch manager and then owner of his own investment branch office in chicago. After building a very successful brokerage firm, he was able to sell his firm and move to south florida with his private zoo to davie florida. he went into real estate investing and learned as much as possible about house flipping, land banking, land flipping, passive income, apartment buildings, lending, commercial real estate, self directing IRA'S and tax free investing. He then became an expert in lending and becoming a bank in his IRA that would eventually sell hundreds of vacant lots all on terms tax free in his ROTH IRA to create massive passive income from holding notes as the seller financer to buyers of his own lots to help investors to build their own net worth by owning partnerships in fix and flips and land in their own IRA. Michael also invested in many new construction homes and hundreds of fix and flips while helping his investors to get great returns on their money. He continued to raise private money for businesses, apartment buildings, and developement projects. He currently represents a portfolio of various investment strategies such as a high return partnership program flipping houses, and hotel/retail developemnt project and building houses on vacant lots in resort comunities. He also is part owner and chief financial officer of a manufacturing plant of wood pellets for fuel in ecuador. 

Michael has been an established author on amazon with his best selling book called "BUILD WEALTH TAX FREE ". He has produced real estate investing courses and taught thousands of students around the country in his large 2 day wealth building workshops and bootcamps. From these very successful workshops, he has developed a huge data base of followers and real estate investors that invest in his strategies that provide passive income or growth of equity. Michael has spoke on stage with the famous les brown and also jack canfield author of chicken soup for the soul. He has been a guest on many money talk radio shows and on the front cover and article writer of REALTY 411 , a top real estate invesment magazine. 

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