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TrendTek Bio, Inc., is a dynamic company focused on what we call “Natural Intelligence” (NI).   NI focuses on evidence-based science that seeks natural solutions to the healthcare issues facing our world.  We believe there are “God Says Rules” that address the complexity of human, animal, and plant health.  Many of the health problems we face today have evolved from the adoption of synthetic chemicals in our soils, diets, and medicines.  

Our society is subject to a revolving door of synthetic molecules that starts with our food and drinks, and when our immune systems become compromised, we rely on the synthetic world of OTC and prescriptive drugs to remedy the problem…and a round and a round we go!

TrendTek Bio is proactively addressing the revolving door through a platform of products and education that focus on natural ingredients that have been engineered to deliver superior clinical dosing levels into the body, allowing the body to maintain a daily defense against toxins, free radicals, and other immune compromising agents. 

The company has three platforms that it is launching.  The first is CurcuminPro® ( Featuring the first ever Biosoluble® Curcumin,™ this complete line of capsules, drinks, chewable tablets, gummies, pet food toppers, and coming soon, effervescent tablets, is a quantum shift in delivering the natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and heavy metal chelators found in curcumin.  The company will begin formal launches of the brand in September 2021.  

The second platform is Life Nutrients.®  This brand is a culmination of natural therapeutics, “Designed by Doctors for Doctors.”  TrendTek-Bio has brought together several doctors and scientists to create a line of NI Therapeutics that will be featured only in doctor’s offices or with qualified medical professionals.  The proprietary line features a powerful array of immune boosting formulas.  We have addressed the issues of doctors not wanting to carry large inventories and the issue of continuing sales after the first sale.  The company has a proprietary software system that allows for a portal to be set up for each doctor that directs the patient to our website for purchases and subscription opportunities.  The doctor will make 50% on all sales in office and 30% of sales through the website.  Our founding team has over 20,000 qualified leads in the fields of functional medicine, acupuncture, and chiropractors.  The company plans to launch the brand in Q2 2022. 

The third platform is a relationship with IQ-4Life.   TrendTek Bio has secured the retail marketing rights for a new line of prenatal supplements, featuring VitaCholine and DHA, called Smart Start,™ which focusses on the first 1,000 days of life.  The supplements will coincide with the release of clinical studies, which will dramatically shift the use of these supplements.

 IQ-4 Life will launch additional cognitive enhancement products to address all ages of life.   The company anticipates launch in Q2 2022.

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