JD3 Media Inc and Inspired2Speak LLC

James Dentley is the Founder and CEO of JD3TV and Media company, a global streaming platform. JD3TV can create and broadcast your documentary, movie or TV show/content and drive your message and brand to a global audience.

James Dentley is also an entrepreneur, best-selling author of The 5 Frequencies of High performance and 4 other books, a philanthropist and one of the nation’s top Life and Business Strategist. As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, James Dentley is a dynamic personality and highly sought after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity. He is also an annual 7 figure earner in the MLM industry and has trained over 83 people to do the same.James Dentley hosts and speaks at events all over the world! He created the #1 speakers and communication program 'Inspired2Speak: Action Camp. in 2008 helping aspiring and established speakers to create a global impact and create the success they desire!' His passion is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to create massive success and to achieve their dreams. James passion for coaching and mentoring speakers has transformed "good speakers to great speakers and great speakers to legendary. speakers and communicators.' He has spent over two decades working with start-ups to major global brands to help them increase sales, productivity, and overall success. He is an innovator with a remarkable ability to determine and build success plans to help business owners seize immediate market opportunities. For everyone that owns a business or would like to capitalize their entrepreneurial dream, his message will enlighten them with knowledge and action principles to turn that passion into success!

In his mission to continually impact the lives of millions, Dentley has made headlines by partnering and lending his voice and media capabilities to disruptive companies worldwide. Addressing audiences from North, South, and Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, London, Thailand, Germany, Dubai, Caribbean just to name a few. 

James Dentley is a gentle giant that teaches straight-from-the-heart, passion and high-energy, concepts that bring measurable positive results. He produces his own streaming TV network, JD3 Media, a radio talk show, podcast, and sponsors high level events such as Limitless for women "where everything is possible and Inspire2Speak Business Acceleration 3 day event where you are addressed by millionaires and billionaire who's focus is creating success and giving back! His organization Already always amazing run by James and his wife Kara Scott Dentley who is a powerhouse herself, commit their efforts to empowering women, and bringing services and opportunities to children, veterans and seniors.

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