1Up Golf

Mr. Humphrey has spent the last 15 years developing small businesses throughout North America and Australia. An avid golfer since the age of 9, he brings his love of the game with his creative business expertise to develop this cutting-edge concept for the billion-dollar golf industry. A graduate of Boston University in 1992, Mr. Humphrey took his marketing and sales skills working for major companies, like Mallinckrodt Medical, IMS Health, negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with Johnson and Johnson, Inc.

In 2000, he launched his first business development company, Effortless Living Institute, which operated successfully for 7 years, before concentrating on his next project of franchising in US and Canada. His company Freshcojohn, LLC, has generated millions of dollars in sales for North America’s premier Vending Opportunity. His franchising expertise is essential to 1upGolf. This will become especially important as we set ourselves to open multiple locations throughout the state of California and main Southwest United States.

The appeal of the basic activity of golf remains. The opportunity is to give people of all skill levels an experience of the game that fits their lifestyle. The opportunity is to speed the game up, wrap it in technology, increase the fun and rewards and serve it to groups of people along with great food and drink. The same thing worked with bowling. Talk about an outdated, non-glamorous sport! So a few bright entrepreneurs made it into an entertainment experience for the 21st century, complete with neon-lit lanes, hi-tech gamification, bars and restaurants. Now those bowling alleys are jammed with Millennials on a Friday night.

Top Golf brought this concept to the world of golf in 2004 and now boasts more than 25 locations in the United States and Europe. People love it. It is “old school” enough for serious players and fun, social and fast-paced enough for younger generations. Top Golf plans to grow to 50+ locations over the next several years. That leaves about 200 excellent urban markets for us!

They’ve proven the market, yet there is plenty of room for new market entrants. We understand what Top Golf does best and what we can improve upon. So we’re going to do just that right here in San Diego, the golf capital of the U.S.

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