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Mr. Smith was appointed CEO and President of Trycera Financial Inc. on February 6, 2009.  Prior to joining Trycera Financial, Inc., Mr. Smith spent ten years developing technologies and platforms in order to facilitate consumer credit profile reporting.  Mr. Smith focused on a wide array of credit profiles, but specifically gravitated to thin or limited credit profile reporting.  During his tenures across a broad spectrum of companies, Mr. Smith raised millions of investment dollars for the purpose of funding working capital and research and development to complete proprietary software development in the reporting and credit services space along with acquiring strategic business relationships. 

In addition, prior to his involvement in the credit reporting and technology space, Mr. Smith owned and operated a diversified financial services call-center which was responsible for processing credit card applications for a variety of banks specializing in turn down consumer conversions.  The call-center generated up to $250 million in open to buy available credit and employed over sixty people.

As a leader in the alternative credit reporting markets and due in large part to his vast understanding of both the credit and reporting systems, Mr. Smith has emerged as a leader in the space.  With his latest endeavors, Mr. Smith aims to put together a comprehensive financial awareness and credit package to assist consumers in managing their personal finances and building the most complete and accurate credit file. 

Mr. Smith received a Bachelor of Science degree in Math and Music from Dickinson State University located in Dickinson, ND.

Business Description:

Trycera Financial, Inc. is a company focused on the personal financial and credit services industry with a particular emphasis on personal credit enhancement and financial education. The Company has unique patented and patent-pending services called “Successful Habits of The Rich!™” which is made up of three integral components:  RichMoney™ (money management), RichCredit™ (credit management) and RichWealth™ (wealth management).

This educational portfolio has been designed to better assist consumers in navigating the financial and credit systems here in the United States.  They’ve been tailored to accurately, efficiently restore consumer's traditional credit by removing any errors or erroneous negative items and build positive credit by automatically tracking nontraditional payment history and make this data readily available to the national credit reporting agencies.  This helps the consumer prepare a true and accurate personal budget so to more easily manage ones finances and begin to create wealth.

Over the past several years, Trycera has created a proprietary Live Agent Kiosk and Virtual Kiosk units which have been designed to be placed as locations such as auto dealerships, military bases, military nonprofit organizations, with mortgage lenders, and with real estate agents.  These Live Agent Kiosks are placed within participating businesses and when a loan application is denied, the consumer is directed to the Kiosk and speak to one of the Company's Live Agents and is assisted in enrolling into the Company's financial services program, Successful Habits of The Rich!.  Trycera strongly believes it can "change the face" of its marketplace for the betterment of global consumers and the Company.

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