Jose Manuel
Sanki Global

José Manuel Arvide has one mission in two parts, to live each day to the fullest and to give value to the community. In doing so, he hopes to educate the people around him to grow and develop through his many years of success.

With over 19 years of experience leading companies and a background in Management Information Systems, José has been a business owner and entrepreneur since the age of 17. Since his teen years, he has been the owner of more than 11 successful companies. The entrepreneurial spirit is in his blood and leading other business owners to success is his passion. José is an international trainer, coach, and motivational speaker, with conference event appearances in Europe, Mexico, and America.

In 2018, José became a JC Maxwell certificated trainer and coach, furthering his influence. José’s goal is to positively impact the individual; adding value and help others develop their full potential. José studied Management Information Systems with a specialty in Finance and Organizational Development at The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.

He loves his life as an entrepreneur, but has an uncanny talent for work at a corporate level. He is currently a partner of Sanki Global and performs far beyond his duties as US Director.

Sanki Global is a provider of health care supplements incomparable to others currently on the market. Rooted in nanotechnology, our products are created in a renowned lab with a patented fermentation process - Organic, Kosher, and BSCG certified. With a worldwide influence, Sanki Global’s reach spans from Japan, Spain and France to the United States, Mexico, and South America.

The most unique aspect of Sanki Global is our patented Japanese Technology, formulated in nanotechnology and fortified with nutrigenomics utilizing In-Vivo clinical trials. Sanki controls the entire process of production with a vertical integration. We have our own farms in Spain, France, and Tokyo, control distribution in Mexico, Colombia and the United States, and orchestrate Research And Development at our Tokyo labs. Sanki Global was founded in 2009 by Alejandro López-Tello,a chemical engineerand entrepreneur, and a biochemist by the name of Dr. Bejit Edeas.

Our main value proposition is that we have been able to emulate the fermentation process that happens in our digestive system, and as a result of these process we can create METABOLITES, these metabolites can be added to any food, skincare, body lotion, etc, creating a unique products with high bioavailability. We will love to find partenrs to create the best products for the market.

The core principle of Sanki Global is to circumvent today’s overloaded nutritional supplement market with products that provide sustainability and longevity, avoiding the fads of short-term solutions. Most importantly, Sanki Global, has been able to leverage a business model to spread understanding, growth, and independence through events, training, and experiences. Sanki is a globally trusted company dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and longevity.

As a company based in innovation and science, we are dedicated to transparency, sustainability, and the well-being of our world.

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