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James Briers and Alasdair Moore met by mixing in the same testing circles in the UK.

James is a Test Consultant of 18 years who can deliver innovative testing solutions in his sleep, whilst Alasdair has extensive experience of running a business and managing a company. Together, they make a chalk and cheese pairing of tech meets operations but in a good way.

Our Constant Core Purpose: launch without fail. Our goal is simple; to help organizations Launch Without Fail.

We are straight to the point, no-nonsense solution providers with software quality at the heart of everything we do. We live and breathe our motto, and we believe that partnerships with our customers are the most potent recipe for success, because every single one of our clients is with us because essentially, we care.

Our consultants are all permanent employees based in the UK, with a wealth of experience in all things testing. We avoid opting a bums on seat type approach as many others adopt, as we believe in working smart. What we provide is an expertly crafted team of testing wizards who are just as comfortable feeding back to your developers as they are updating your CTO and board. Our Consultants are grown-ups in the truest sense of the word – they have been hand-picked from the finest technical testing talent from around the UK, to add proven quality to your testing needs.

Our directness and transparency allow us to truly absorb your challenges from the off-set, and make honest recommendations to fit your requirements.

It is well known that firms struggle to manage and maintain the quality of their key business data both day-to-day and especially when they migrate from one business system to another. Good data quality is paramount for a successful deployment of any new business system yet, given the volumes of data often involved, it is frequently the most challenging, inconsistent and time-consuming part of the project, with no guarantees on the resultant data quality.

Numerous examples exist of new system projects being delayed or even canceled due to data quality issues, with project teams never being fully aware of or confident about how good the data is until a new system is rolled out to end user: a significant business risk to any project.

iData, from Intelligent Delivery Services, is an enterprise data interrogation, validation and transformation solution that automates the process of assuring the integrity and quality migrated and transformed data in any key business system. iData’s simple-to-use interface and scripting environment ensure that firms with even limited technical expertise are able to assure the transformation of their data in a matter of hours and, working with any data source and data type, iData clients are able to complete a comprehensive review of all of their data in a fraction of the time to that of traditional approaches.

Furthermore, with iData firms can easily standardize their methodologies on data transformation, add unique attributes to specific data sets, retain pertinent data not required daily and maintain full audit trails of all the data changes that have been made.

Whilst many firms initially purchase iData to assist with a system migration, data governance teams are now seeing iData as an essential service in the ongoing management of their key business data implementing routine reviews of the data across all production systems to eliminate errors, as well as identify and remove poor data entry practices.

It is a period of significant business system change for professional service organizations of all sizes with many making sizeable investments recently in new practice, case management, HR and other business systems. Through iData these firms can now be confident in the quality of their data throughout these projects, hit key milestones, keep overall project costs down and build business confidence.

With over 20 years expertise in data transformation, testing, and management, Intelligent Delivery Services is a UK based business with more than 60 clients, both national and international, in the legal, finance, accountancy, technology, and retail sectors.

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