National Corporate Credit

National Corporate Creditis a leading provider of business funding to budding entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and mid market companies. Our programs range from $50,000 - $500,000 in operational capital. 

My passion is helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their ideas into successful companies by backing them with the capital they need to scale quick and efficiently.  At the age of 21, I launched my consulting firm with my best friend Francisco Villa, growing it to multiple seven figures in revenue, and earning a place on the top 350 fastest growing companies in America on the Inc 5000 list three years in a row. Since inception, our firm has raised more than $200 Million in funding. 

I grew up outside of Chicago in a great family.  My mother was an entreprneuer and owned a Dance Studio. When I wasn't tap dancing around the studio as a youngster,  I was in the office answering calls and fulfilling customer orders for new student sign ups.  I learned early that being great with people is essential in business.  I got an MBA in customer fulfillment first hand before the age of 10.  Some cool fun facts is I tap danced with Savion Glover  (Famous Tap Dancer and used ot be commercial face for Twix Candy) and other well known creative performing artist in shows in Chicago. I have one sibling, Her name is Isabella Jessen. She is a performing artist and choreographer in Los Angelos who recently was invovled in the production of Katy Perry's music Videos. 

I have a deep interest in being a public speaker. I've had the privledge to speak about my company/industry on stages around the world and have shared the stages with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, the 2 Billion Dollar Home Shopping Network Pitchwoman Forbes Riley, and several other industry leaders.

I have an amazing girlfriend named Velia who is an electrical engineer (the brain of the two of us lol). I am an avid reader of Napoleon Hill and many other personal development books, I enjoy meditation to gain equanimity in my life and  I get the privlidge of co owning a great company with my best friend Francisco and working with amazing people on a daily basis.

2017 has been my best year yet and I personally have been breaking through to new heights by focusing on building the CULTURE of my organization. This year I traveled and shared collaboration with thought leaders on and off the speaking stage around the US, and internationally in Thailand, Hong Kong, Dubai, and London.

My goal in 2018 is the grow the culture, grow the people, and continue to build and evolve our funding machine!

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