2021 Q2
May 3rd -
May 7th
The Westin Sarasota
Sarasota, FL
2021 Q2
2021 Q2
Ivan Anz
Industry: Business Development
I am an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur, Founder & Chairman of CAPITANZ Family Office with investements and businesses in more ...
Jude Charles
JudeCharles & Company
Industry: Motion Picture Production
It’s hard to forget that one day that changes your life forever. Back in high school, a teacher recognized my talent ...
Bob Gilpatrick
Boomers Forever Young
Industry: Healthcare
Larry Daudelin and Bob Gilpatrick started Boomers Forever Young in 2010. While working together on numerous ...
Mike Weiss
Client Engagement Academy
Industry: Training
We help you get sales on LinkedIn. We run a done-with/for-you program that brands you as a thought leaders, gets ...
Andrew Langsam
Dynamic Advertising Solutions
Industry: Advertising
DAS was founded in 2003 by Andrew Langsam and Charles Lee in Washington, DC. Tired of receiving subpar service from ...
Pam Jordan
Pivot Business Group, Inc.
Industry: Business Development
At Pivot Business Group, we know that you want to be successful at building your business. In order to do that, you need ...
Rich Goldstein
Goldstein Patent Law
Industry: Legal
While most patent attorneys do not work with individual inventors, Rich Goldstein has built a career on working with both ...
Dawson Lee
Benimax Investment Group
Industry: Real Estate
Dawson Lee is an experienced real estate investor with over 22 years in multifamily industry. He is President of Benimax ...
Dolores Hirschmann
Masters in Clarity
Industry: Marketing & Design
Dolores Hirschmann, ACC, CPCC, is an internationally recognized strategist, coach, speaker, and founder of Masters in ...
Barry Meyer
Oceans Financial Services, Inc.
Industry: Insurance
Barry is President and CEO of Oceans Financial Services, Inc based in Los Angeles, California. Barry has been helping ...
Jason Keyz
Keyz Group
Industry: Business Development
Jason Keyz is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and a rockstar commercial real estate and business broker. ...
James Ralph
TalkMore Wireless
Industry: Sales
Jimmy Ralph is an entrepreneur and seasoned executive with multiple start-ups and growth companies. Over 30 years of ...
EMZ Maulik Trivedi
MindBody Integrated
Industry: Health & Fitness
Emz is a Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist with advanced training in MindBody Medicine from Harvard ...
Stan Padgett
Padgett Law, P.A.
Industry: Legal
Many of your business problems stem from decisions made long before the problem showed up. As a trial lawyer, I've ...
Nick Fisher
Industry: Marketing & Design
We’re a team with experience in saas, info, finance, employment, and higher education. Our CEO has been responsible ...
Larry Yatch
SEAL Team Leaders
Industry: Business Development
SEAL Team Leaders Bootcamp: https://www.sealteamleadersbootcamp.com It's time to finally get the ...
Rey Perez
The Entrepreneurs Agency
Industry: Business Branding
Rey Perez, #1 Global Branding Expert is a Successful Serial-Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Best Selling Author and National ...
Chad Burmeister
Industry: Sales
I’m Chad Burmeister - Believer, Husband, Father of two, and lifelong rebel and rule-breaker. I equip sales ...
Marlon Mueller
Servio Capital
Industry: Real Estate
Marlon Mueller grew up on a large diversified crop and livestock farming operation in Iowa. After college, he took ...
Rudy Mawer
ROI Machines
Industry: Sales & Marketing
Rudy Mawer is a world-renowned entrepreneur and considered to be one of the world's top Facebook ads and ecommerce ...
Rick Jordan
Industry: Technology
Rick Jordan is CEO of ReachOut Technology, and has become one of America’s leading voices on Cybersecurity and ...
Eddie Wilson
Empire, Inc
Industry: Business Development
My career path began in radio marketing and advertising. At a very young age I had the opportunity work with some very ...
Jeremy Knauff
Spartan Media
Industry: Marketing & Design
Jeremy Knauff is the founder of Spartan Media, a digital marketing agency that helps you get in front of the right people ...
Chris Norton
I-Bankers Direct
Industry: Financial
I was born and raised in Northport NY, in an Irish Catholic family. I currently live in Delray Beach with my fiancé ...
Cheryl Snapp Conner
SnappConner PR
Industry: Content Production
Cheryl Snapp Conner is founder and CEO of SnappConner PR and creator of Content University™. She is a popular ...
Lisa Atkinson
BlueStream Analytics
Industry: Real Estate
Lisa Atkinson and Maureen McGarry are co-owners of Investors Realty MN, a real estate brokerage in the Twin Cities that ...
Howard Shore
Activate Group, Inc.
Industry: Management Consultant
Activate Group, Inc. -  We work with great companies and leaders who are frustrated because they ...
Paul Eckstein
E Dental
Industry: Healthcare
Dr. Paul Eckstein earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh and he ...
Kevin Harrington
Shark Tank
Industry: Business Development
Kevin Harrington has been a successful entrepreneur over the last 40 years.  He is an Original Shark on the ABC hit, ...
Merrill Chandler
Industry: Financial
Over 25 years ago, Merrill Chandler—a personal and business funding pioneer and co-founder of Lexington Law ...
James Dentley
JD3 Media Inc and Inspired2Speak LLC
Industry: Radio & Television
James Dentley is the Founder and CEO of JD3TV and Media company, a global streaming platform. JD3TV can create and ...
Cameron Mistal
Happy Veg
Industry: Retail Products
For five years Cameron Mistal learned. He sought out experts attending a dozen conferences on global produce and identified ...
Dave Stech
Stech Family Office
Industry: Investing
I grew up in a trailer park for the first 20% of my life. The other 80% has been a dream-come-true, both in business ...
John Cristadoro
Alliance Tax Solutions
Industry: Advertising
Alliance Activation is a media agency that maximizes our clients marketing budget while protecting their bottom line. Our ...
Brian Fouts
Living Legacy Association
Industry: Investing
I started out on the traditional path in life… high school, college, a good degree and career, and working hard ...
Mitch Russo
Mindful Guidance
Industry: Business Services
In 1985, I entered the software business as the founder of Timeslips Corp (sold to Sage Plc) after creating the ...
Gaydon Leavitt
Toolbox OS
Industry: Technology
At the age of 21 and on the back side of Y2K, G Leavitt began using Google's Adwords to sell vitamins on the internet. ...
Vilma Nunez
Convierte Mas
Industry: Sales & Marketing
Ph.D - Business and Marketing Advisor. CEO of Convierte Mas Group (Online academies and digital marketing ...
Richard Mallion
RMKJ Marketing, Inc.
Industry: Retail Products
Over the last 30 years, Rich has developed into a who leader consistently chases opportunity and positions for long term ...
Sarah Sullivan
SuGo Capital
Industry: Real Estate
Sarah Sullivan is the founder and owner of SuGo Capital, an investment company that connects investors to strong passive ...
Jed Morley
Platinum Payments
Industry: Merchant Services
My work ethic and business career began early on in life through working with my large family in construction and farming. ...
Ty Crandall
Industry: Business Development
Ty Crandall is an internationally known speaker, author, and business credit expert. With over 16 years of financial ...
Stephen Smeke
Valencia Realty Capital
Industry: Funding & Investing
Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Capital Sources alike struggle to navigate the capital markets and find trustworthy ...
Brian Sallee
Industry: Executive Coaching
Brian Sallee is a serial entrepreneur & business growth strategist. He is CEO for Avorit, an agency that ...
Bill Hughes
ZonLux Digital
Industry: Advertising
Zonlux Digital Is A Full-Service Amazon Creative Agency, Built To Help You Scale Your Business. With an extensive ...
Mike Clark
Advocates of Love
Industry: Systems & Software
On the surface, Mike Clark is an accomplished husband and father of three with over 21 years of experience in background ...
Nick Fullmer
Overage Refund Specialists
Industry: Real Estate
Nick Fullmer from Pleasant Grove, UT. Husband, father, business owner. Former corrections officer and national guard ...
Carrie Charles
Industry: Staffing
Carrie Charles is an entrepreneur and thought leader in 5G space.  She is the CEO Broadstaff Talent Solutions and ...
Jeffrey Flamm
Infinite Mind (Free in the App Store)
Industry: Systems & Software
Jeffrey C. Flamm is CEO and Founder of Infinite Mind, L.C. an online software company.  Our primary product, eyeQ ...
Parthiv Shah
Industry: Business Services
Parthiv Shah is the Founder and President of eLaunchers.com. Over 300 dentists, physicians and other clients from 27 states ...
Cassius Coleman
Industry: Real Estate
Cassius is a native of Atlanta, Ga.  Cassius has over 30 years’ experience in accounting, taxation, real estate ...
Kris Dehnert
Dugout Mugs
Industry: Marketing & Design
I consult with companies about creating outside-the-box marketing strategies to grow their brand and create additional ...
Don Bailey
Industry: Retail Products
Don is a senior executive focused on strategic client acquisition, engagement management and operations. A proven advisory ...
Jason Drohn
Done For You
Industry: Marketing & Design
Jason Drohn is a marketing expert, software developer, author, entrepreneur, and ex-truck driver for the Pepsi-Cola Company ...
Trey Taylor
trinity | blue
Industry: Funding & Investing
Trey is the Chief Executive Officer of Taylor Insurance Services, Managing Director of trinity | blue consulting and ...
Eric Dunavant
Industry: Financial
Eric L. Dunavant is an author, speaker, consultant, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has been in the financial ...
Tracy Hazzard
Industry: Digital Media
As the influence strategist for speakers, authors & experts, Tracy Hazzard helps major publications, sports stars, and ...
Jake Alexander
Action Accounting
Industry: Accounting
Jake will help you minimize your tax liability by providing you with timely and intelligent insight about all your options, ...
Jeff Peoples
Grow Bliss LLC
Industry: Health & Fitness
Successful Entrepreneur, Leader, and Business Architect, Jeff Peoples has helped thousands of businesses save billions of ...
Russell Martino
Industry: Business Services
I create marketing assets designed for a LONG shelf life. I write sales copy that gets a response. I ...
AJ Aluthwala
Industry: Websites
AJ Aluthwala, MBA is the Co-Founder and CEO of KallistoArt, an online marketing agency specializing in growth marketing for ...
Deaphalis Sample
Alliance Tax Solutions
Industry: Taxes
We are a nationwide fully accredited tax defense firm made up of tax professionals: CPA’s, Tax Attorney’s, ...
Dave Fulk
Profectus Capital Management
Industry: Business Services
Dave is a serial entrepreneur and growth and scale specialist. He has experience in many different fields including start ...
Alik Mock
Industry: Business Services
Personal: I’m an operational-minded entrepreneur. I've worked with over 25+ businesses within multiple industries ...
Lisa Cavender
Lisa Cavender | Innergy Ltd.
Industry: Executive Coaching
Transformational life and success coach, Lisa helps people who are struggling to eradicate their own limiting beliefs, take ...
Adam Rouff
Rouff Corp Marketing
Industry: Sales & Marketing
Adam Rouff, a United States Marine Corps veteran, is a digital marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in the ...
Darren Jacklin
Darren Jacklin Group of Companies
Industry: Business Development
Darren Jacklin World-Class Speaker | Philanthropist I Business/Real Estate Investor I Board of Directors eXp World ...
Brett Lane
SEO Outsourcing
Industry: Marketing & Design
Brett Lane is an SEO veteran with 19 years of experience and has managed over one thousand marketing campaigns. His company ...
Jason Hartman
The Empowered Investor Network
Industry: Real Estate
Jason Hartman® has been involved in several thousand real estate transactions and has owned income properties in 11 ...
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