S1: Episode 0
First and foremost, from all of us here at BA, we hope you and your family stay safe during this global event.

Board of Advisors is Family and together we will get through these times of uncertainty. If we can help you in any way, please reach out.

We are here for you on a full-time weekly basis to support you, to open the doors of communication and to provide a place for you to ask questions, seek advice and provide direct access for mentorship.

Turbulent Times

S1: Episode 1
Stay Calm, Seek Counsel, Get Focused.

Be the rock for your people, your staff and most importantly your family. Its time for us to be level-headed, to be rational and to seek the right counsel; so that we be ultra focused and come out on the other side of this stronger than ever.

Worst Case Scenario

S1: Episode 2
Begin with the end in mind…

When so many are paralyzed with fear, we encourage you to not run from the un-known, but face it head on and through a different lens. What is the "Worst Case Scenario..?” Map out what that looks like for you and reverse engineer from there.

What are the opportunities AND how can you benefit from thinking differently?

Opportunity in the Midst of Chaos

S1: Episode 3
The key to weathering the chaos is to find the opportunity within it.

Succeeding in chaos takes concerted effort — to see the good, to see the right opportunities, and to summon the bravery to act on those opportunities. How do you filter out the right opportunities to go after? What are the opportunities that are surfacing for you? What are the questions you have about them? Connect with us. 

Reach out to your BA Family to do some thinking for you, relieving you of the burden of having to know everything at all times while also expanding your perspective outside of what you do day to day.

Fail Forward Fast

S1: Episode 4
Are you risking enough Failure?

Failure is not bad. Failure gives you the experience to recalibrate and make another, better, decision. If we look at the collective failure across all the BA members, we have enough failures to make any decision that we need to make and get it right the first time.

Leverage the network. Communicate. Raise your hand. Our doors are open. Let us help you.
A member of our Concierge Team will promptly assist you with the next steps
We will invest 20 to 30 minutes together by phone.
Q1 - Feb 2024